Our Services

True Compass Strategies is a full-service public affairs firm dedicated to helping our clients meet their individual needs and goals. Among the areas we can help clients includes:

Strategic Planning and Organizational Development
With a speciality in non-profits and start-ups, we can help you successfully launch, grow, and thrive. We have worked with boards and staffs to develop strategic plans and procedures that will allow an organization of any size succeed.

Media Relations and Message Development
With experience in local, state and national media -- including print, radio, television, and online news -- we can help you develop your message and reach the media to get it out. We can also provide media trainings for organizations and businesses.

Advocacy Campaign Development
Are you a non-profit with a specific advocacy goal in mind, maybe trying to get a policy changed or enacted? We can help develop an advocacy campaign plan that will help you reach your goal and make positive change.

Social Media and Digital Presence Planning and Implementation
You can't do business these days without a thoughtful social media plan. The ways people consume news and information is ever changing and we can help make sure it's a solid plan and help to implement it. We can also develop a great website and help manage it.

Diversity Trainings
With an extensive background in diversity, we can come in to your organization and talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion, the LGBT community, social justice and intersectionality, and more.

Event Planning
From small fundraisers and events to large meetings and conferences, we are here to make the event planning process easy and simple for you and help execute a stunning event.

Political Campaigns and Campaign Finance Reporting
Thinking of running for office at the local, state or federal level, we are here to provide you the guidance to win. We also specialize in campaign finance reporting for local and state candidates.