True Compass Strategies Approach to Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is one of the most important things an organization can do — but it is also one that most people tend to avoid. Why? It seems daunting and people don’t even know where to begin.

Over the years, working with a number of non-profit and organizational clients, we’ve developed a six step approach that guides you through the development and implementation of a strategic plan. While there is no perfect one size fits all approach, these steps are the surest way to start out on a path of success.

The steps involved in the True Compass Strategies planning process are:

1. Prepare
2. Listen
3. Vision
4. Plan
5. Execute
6. Evaluate

Click here to see each step in depth, as well as a chart to guide you through each one.

If you are interested in reviewing a template strategic plan, you can click here to see a sample. This is a rough outline of how a plan developed through the six steps would be drafted. You can also add in additional materials to it, including market analysis, feedback and survey results, budget, etc.

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